Wrapping Up the Inaugural Autohaus Hamilton Tour of the Snowy Mountains

Porsche Tour of the Snowy Mountains

“Who??would’ve??thought that a gentle fang along quiet country roads could be so much fun?”

We knew that the inaugural Autohaus Hamilton Tour of the Snowy Mountains would be a brilliant weekend, but when our intrepid adventurers wandered bleary-eyed back in to work on Monday, it had proven to be even better than expected!

From the Saturday morning meet-up at Autohaus Hamilton, through quiet drivers’ roads and the picturesque scenery of the Snowy Mountains and back again, the weekend was a great success.

Porsche Tour of the Snowy Mountains

“The grins from all of us who participated are a testament to a great experience. My face muscles are still aching.??All compliments go to David and the Autohaus Team for putting together a great package of driving, accommodation and social engagement.”

A wonderful group of people including couples, families and friends joined us on the trip in about a dozen Porsches that represented the full breadth of the marque. Boxsters, 993s, GT3s, the Autohaus Hamilton Cayenne and lovely classics like ‘69 and ‘70 911s made for some brilliant road trippin’ machines and driving companions.

Once we had broken free of the surly bonds of Sydney’s metropolis and hit the road proper, we learned that when??David from Driving Adventures enthuses about the absence of traffic, he does so without even the slightest??embellishment. The roads were absolutely deserted and, set against such beautiful backdrops, everything you could hope for in a driving adventure.

Along the way we enjoyed catching up with our fellow adventurers at each of the plentiful rest stops, and this added a very special extra dimension to the trip.

Porsche Tour of the Snowy Mountains

One of the most enjoyable groups that I have hosted; people who obviously love their driving and their cars. The sight of a dozen Porsches in the rear view mirror is a memory that I will keep forever.” David from Driving Adventures

When it came time to rest up for the next day’s adventuring we settled in to excellent accommodation and pre-dinner drinks with a stunning outlook over the water. And from there it was a simple matter of socialising our way through a delicious dinner and, for those with the requisite fortitude, kicking on into the night.

We’d like to thank David from Driving Adventures for putting on an excellent Tour of the Snowy Mountains, as well as all of our friends who joined us!

We’re already looking forward to our next Porsche adventure and have kicked off our pre-production for the tour. We have a few destinations planned out and would love to hear which you’re most interested in. Take a look at the options below and let us know which you’re most interested in??by email, on Facebook or??in the comments. And if there’s somewhere amazing that we haven’t listed, set us straight!

  • North Coast ??? Bucketts Way/Thunderbolts Way
  • Hunter Valley
  • Bathurst/Mudgee/Orange
  • Snowy Mountains

Thanks to Andy and John Marosszeky for providing the photos you see below, and having a chat with us about the weekend.