One passion, all Porsche

Who are we? We are one team of like-minded people committed to quality through passion. Purely Porsche since 1970, our Autohaus Hamilton team are sure to share your Porsche obsession!

We are car fanatics

Porsche fanatics to be precise. We understand that Porsche ignites a special connection with people, beyond being a means of transport. We know for many of our customers, owning a Porsche is the realisation of a dream and a testimony to their passion.

We are experts

Clients feel excited about bringing their cars to Autohaus Hamilton because we help them protect their investment with the best possible workmanship and impartial advice. We work to 5 basic performance principles: honesty, detail, attitude, effort and passion. We work hard to ensure that our customers view us as an integral part of their Porsche ownership.

We are a community

Autohaus Hamilton is not just a company of specialist technicians. It’s a growing community where people are welcome to connect with us and each other, through our drive and in-haus events and social media platforms. We are a place that Porsche owners can celebrate their shared enthusiasm.

Why choose Autohaus?

We believe that, above and beyond our proven experience, quality, infrastructure and innovation, that’s what sets us apart. We’re building a family around the Porsche brand dedicated to enriching people’s journey with the marque. Every day we work with our clients’ most valuable investment second only to their home. When someone buys a Porsche it is generally because they are buying into a brand that delivers a very high quality driving experience. That experience includes the ownership of the car and at Autohaus Hamilton we make sure that when they use us to look after their investment, we do it perfectly.






Our Team

We put our heart and soul into maintaining the brilliant reputation Autohaus Hamilton upholds, offering Autohaus Hamilton customers a large range of specialist services and expertise. Every member of our team is here because they want to work with Porsche product and knowledgeable people who are enthusiastic and passionate about what they do.

Our Team

Careers at Autohaus

If you are a qualified mechanic or you want to start a career in performance cars and you think you've got what it takes to join our team, we'd like to hear from you.

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Careers at Autohaus

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