Porsche Motorsport

Whether you’re looking for a fully custom Porsche race car build or the most basic performance modifications, the Autohaus Hamilton Porsche motorsport development department will deliver you a car to spec, on time and in budget.

Porsche motorsport development is one of the most challenging, exciting and rewarding aspects of Autohaus Hamilton’s Porsche service portfolio, because it’s where we get to push ourselves the hardest, learn the most and develop the cutting edge innovations that make us industry leaders.

Our Porsche motorsport development services include everything from entry-level modifications to give your Porsche a little kick in the performance direction, to full custom Porsche race car builds to suit any level of Porsche motorsport competition. We’ll work with you to develop a scope of work and a plan, budget and timeline to complete it.

We offer full engine, gearbox, exhaust and suspension development, as well as roll cages, fabrication, paint and livery development, and manage all work in house.

We’ll work with you to design your Porsche race car based on where and how you’d like to compete, the rules of your chosen category, your budget and the level of competition you’re interested in.

As with all of our work, we make effective planning and communication a core of our Porsche motorsport development services and will ensure that all work is undertaken to a clear plan, timeline and budget, and clearly communicated to you along the way.

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