Which PORSCHE will become 'collectible' next?

We just read this interesting article from the guys at FlatSixes.com; we've altered it slightly to adapt to the Australian dollar and market, but with the market slowly becoming a more international platform (especially with the air-cooled cars) we thought it was perfect for you all to read. If you haven't already, you should really jump onto their site and enjoy a decent scroll!


Most Porsche fans we talk to spend a lot of time "browsing". They look through classifieds, they look on eBay, they peruse various forums, everyone always seems to be looking for their next Porsche. I know I'm even guilty of doing that.

With all the browsing we've all been doing lately and the current state of the Porsche market it got me to thinking. What model Porsche will be the next big collectors item?

The air cooled market has shot past the moon and is on its way to another galaxy. The 993 Turbo S is already a $600-$750(AUD)+ car depending on condition and the "regular" 993 Turbo routinely brings a quarter of a million. Even the much maligned 968 is having a revival. Porsches that were once selling in mid to high teens now have asking prices in the late twenties into the mid thirties, and that's just for the four cylinder versions (never mind a 968CS!).


With the market as hot as it is right now, where does your everyday Porsche enthusiast (and want-to-be collector turn)? A lot of people say the 996 is the way to go, especially the Turbo. We tend to agree with them. For $95 to $110k you can get a hell of an example with none of the IMS issues that most people associate with the 996. Making 415 horsepower, this is an all-wheel drive 911 that has a top speed of 319km/h and a zero to 60 time hovering right around 4 seconds. It's not 918 fast, but that's damn respectable for a car that's at least a decade old and more.


The Cayman GT4 was released just a few month ago, yet to reach Australian soils and yet already reached legendary status. The question raises, will they start selling for more than sticker sooner vs. later? The 918 is already commanding higher than sticker prices with gently used versions showing asking prices of $1.25MM to $1.50MM. Look what's happened to the Carrera GT market. Three years ago you couldn't give one away for $300,000 (in the US). Today, we're seeing nice example trade in the $750,000 to $850,000 range. Insanity! Not to mention the 991 GT3RS has already been spotted for sale (in the UK) at a modest, double price to brand new.

What is next?
Where will the market go?

Some say the 997 Carrera S (manual), 997 GT3 are the future classics and beyond them, the 991 GTS will also get there one day!