Week 34, 2015 - In Photos

What a crazy week! We were absolutely flat out and going into the late hours of Friday afternoon, we’re still hard at it. The week started a normal Monday as always, with a weeks work fully booked in (and some!).

The engine room has been feeling the rush, with Matt lining up eighteen engines waiting for the Autohaus Hamilton touch. This week he managed to finish off quite a bit of work, and really set a plan to take on the rest waiting. On that note, we want to quickly thank Matt for all his hard work this week.

We also had the engineering students from University of New South Wales come back for a visit and help out around the shop. They were a burst of fresh air, asking many questions and not being afraid to get a bit dirty to learn some answers for themselves (obviously guided by our senior technicians).

Wednesday had us visiting Sydney Motorsport Park for The Formula Company’s Burrow Drive Day. These events are always a good day out, being non-timed and for street registered or registrable cars it draws a great group of drivers who are just after having an easy day racing.

We snapped off quite a few photos this week and we really hope you enjoy them, Week 34 at Autohaus Hamilton: