Week 2, 2015 - In photos.

Wow - Week 2 has just flown past. We've had a whole new computer system installed, taking Grant, Nathan and Gareth into a week long training program! We were worried the workshop would feel the heat, but the only heat felt was the 5 days of 30+ degrees making the sweat drop.

This week we had a lot of focus on getting a lot of the big jobs that have carried on from last year complete and ofcourse, your main focus every week, servicing! This time of year, there's no reason your Porsche should be locked away on the weekend and it definitly shows with the increase of cars coming in for some love and the stories that follow, 'we went here and saw this' and 'have you ever driven this road, it's amazing!!'.

Enough talk, here's Week 2, 2015 - In photos: