Video: A 911 Ruf CTR 'Yellowbird' in 'Faszination at the N??rburgring'

Ruf's Yellowbird and CTR3

“Everything here is done for dreams.”

With a mighty 469 horses available to push its slender sub-1200 kilogram body around, Ruf’s CTR was able to outrun supercars like the??Lamborghini Countach, Ferrari F40 and Porsche 959 when it was introduced in the late ‘80s.

Those horses, when combined with a seriously masterful right boot, proved plenty of power to push it around the endless bends of the??N??rburgring??Nordschleife in just eight minutes and five seconds.

Ruf test driver Stefan Roser commands such a serious right boot, and shows us how to use it in this video by absolutely manhandling this monster machine around the 20 kilometer??Nordschleife. It’s right foot steering at its best as he takes every bend sideways, all the while dodging a myriad of traffic at huge speeds.

In the second video??Jethro Bovingdon of Car and Driver gets to take the very same car for a spin as he??waxes lyrical about how it feels and what it means. They then take a trip to the Ruf factory to learn about the philosophies of the boutique manufacturer, before hopping in to the new??Ruf CTR 3 to test out the Autobahn.

Photo: Still from Car and Driver’s video (Mark Bramley)