Speedhunters Feature: 964 Skunkworks RS-4

What a way to finish off a build, than a feature from one of the leading automotive culture websites in the world, Speedhunters.

"Autohaus Hamilton is a name synonymous with Porsche in Australia, touching all facets of ownership: sales, service, motorsports and today’s focus – custom builds. From an understated workshop north of Sydney, a loyal customer base has been established over the past 40-odd years, and for many owners there is simply no other option once they have joined the Autohaus club.

The first time I tried to shoot this car #SydneyStorm was starting to trend on Twitter – it was literally the worst weather Sydney had seen in decades. Two weeks later we had picked out one of Sydney’s best driving roads – the Old Pacific Highway – for an early morning blast, but it seemed the battleship grey exterior of the 964 had once again summoned the cold and wet.

A classic 911 wouldn’t be many people’s first choice for a fast drive on a rainy Sunday morning – the infamous lift-off oversteer being exacerbated by the rearward weight balance. It wasn’t a problem here though – the Skunkworks RS-4 is based on a 964 C4, so all four wheels are driven and would provide a sure-footed drive even in the damp conditions of our shoot day!" - Read the story on Speedhunter HERE>.