SPOTLIGHT: David Thomas??? Driving Adventures

Driving Adventures Principal, David Thomas has been passionate about driving since he was old enough to hold a steering wheel.

He has driven from London to Sydney, through the Andes and much of South and Central America, across deserts and deep into rain-forests. He has won rally stages in the Himalayas, raced successfully at Bathurst and taught thousands of people advanced driving skills through his own school and as head of the NSW Police Driver Training School. He has driven in movies and videos and has been organising and conducting tours since 1990.

Now, you can join David on tours around Europe, Australia, New Zealand and other beautiful locations.

These are events organised as rallies, but without the restrictions and limitations of a competition event. There is no competition timing. Guests are given detailed road books that explain the correct route as well as a short history of the areas travelled. Roads are selected for the driving enjoyment.

Unlike competition events, guests will be free to set their own agenda for the day. They can choose between a sleep-in and a leisurely breakfast or an early start with stops along the way to more closely inspect the local colour or they could hurry to their destination for a swim or spa before dinner with the group.

If you’re looking for someone to show you how to have a good time behind the steering wheel, then look no further.

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