Smollen's Porsche Airborne on the Mountain

Smollen's Autohaus Prepared Porsche Flies at Bathurst 2010You may remember this on-board footage of Shane Smollen’s near miss during a flying lap in the GT3 Cup Challenge at Bathurst last year. This brilliant shot was taken as his airborne Porsche rejoined the track midway through the Chase.

Smollen was piloting his Autohaus prepared Porsche GT3 Cup Car around a flying lap of the legendary Bathurst circuit, when he came upon a much slower car parked on the racing line exiting Conrod Straight. Split-second reactions and a quick change of direction saw him slip past the obstacle, and enter the kitty litter well on the way to 300 kilometres an hour. This shot is the tail end of his off-road journey, as he endeavours to get all four wheels back on black.