Revo Performance Tuning for Your Porsche

Revo performance software offers the smoothest and most controllable power increase available for the Modern Porsche.

Autohaus Hamilton is now the Sydney agent for Porsche performance software produced in the UK by Revotechnik.

That???s great news if you???d like to give your late-model Porsche an extra sting in the tail without breaking the bank.

How much performance gain for how much money? It varies from model to model, but a reprogram ranges from $950??Ex GST??on a 2.7 Boxster up to $4,150??Ex GST??for the 997 Turbo. Indicative performance gains are listed for each model at??revotechnik.

You will also find other tuning options available such as switchable tuning for different fuel grades, boost settings for Turbo cars and anti theft settings. Without opening the engine. Without making expensive modifications. And for about the same price as an upgraded exhaust system Revo just makes sense.

How do they do it? With a downloadable software remap that???s programmed through your car???s serial port.?? Revo software is designed to maximise the performance of your Porsche safely, within the tolerances of its engine and hardware.

Revo are constantly developing their products; when each new model Porsche is released, Revo???s team goes to work to make it perform even better.

You might be wondering why the factory doesn???t use the same mapping. The answer is simple; when cars leave Zuffenhausen, they have to be ready to perform in all climatic extremes using different grades of fuel, from an Alaskan winter on 91 octane to a Middle Eastern desert on 98 octane. Revo don???t have that problem!

If you want to experience Revo in your car on our roads, Revo offers a try before you buy program that gives you approximately 4 hours of what Revo has to offer before reverting back to your standard factory map. Come in and try it out, we can have you up and running in 30 minutes.

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