This project is really coming along, every week there’s a new part to be fitted, tested and measured. This week we finished off ‘stage 2’ of the parts to be fitted, quick tune on the dyno and back on the open road. Lucky for us with Stage 2’s completion we can finally show and talk to you about its dyno sheet, what’s been done and how it has influenced the performance of this beastly GT4.

Stage 1 IPD plenum and a GT3 throttle body. These modifications picked up 10RWKW on the dyno, taking the factory power output of 217.6RWKW up to 227.0RWKW. This influenced the performance subtly, picking up some numb sections of the revs and giving the car a slightly more alive feel. SEE STAGE 1 HERE

Stage 2 was flashing the ECU with Cobb’s new handheld unit, along with a set of Headers, this helped pick up another 10.5RWKW taking the performance a whopping 20RWKW higher, but opening up the performance tenfold. The GT4 now breathes better in and out, the torque drop which was found in the mid-range rpm has been picked up and now the GT4 pulls all the way through the rev range. Even the sound is closer to a GT3, with the volume being turned up a few decibels. SEE STAGE 2 HERE

Next stage is going to be a fun one, stay tuned for more updates. If you’d like to talk about modifying your GT4, or any Porsche give us a call on (02) 9417 0911 or email us on