Shock Absorbers for Fun and Safety

Over the past weeks I???ve focused on very specific items, with a determined 911 focus.?? I???ve talked about improving roadholding and steering feel through the fitting Turbo tie rods and decambered ball joints.?? This month the part of the month becomes a whole lot more general.?? Unsurprisingly, I am talking about shock absorbers.

Without shock absorbers, every time your car encountered a bump it would set about bouncing on its springs, and the bouncing would continue until frictional losses absorbed all of the energy input from the bump.?? Early shock absorbers consisted of cork discs clamped together, which rubbed against one another.?? Suspension tuning consisted of fastening or loosening the cork discs against one another.?? Nowadays shock absorber set up ranges from simply replacing worn shock absorbers to fitting specialist units with any number of adjustable settings.?? And then there are Porsche???s PASM units which use computer-controlled electronics to continuously vary the stiffness of the suspension.

Shock absorbers matter because it is shock absorbers, and not springs, that keep the tyres in contact with the road surface when the going gets challenging.?? Having come this far, you won???t be surprised to learn that Autohaus Hamilton can supply and fit a wide range of suspension upgrades, with options to suit everything from the earliest 911 to the latest cars.?? The options open to you are entirely dependent on what you want to get from the car.

Some of the options open to you are listed below:

  • Bilstein strut inserts or complete struts in Sport or Heavy Duty configuration for air cooled cars
  • Bilstein PSS 10 systems for 996 Carrera or Carrera 4
  • Bilstein PSS 9 systems for 986 Boxster or Boxster S
  • Bilstein Sport or Heavy Duty shock absorbers for 986 Boxster or Boxster S
  • KW suspension kits for Boxster, Cayman, 996 and 997 cars
  • Bilstein PSS 9 or PSS Damptronic kits for 987 Boxster and Cayman

There are other options, too, so if you don???t see your car, or a suspension kit that you are after, give us a call.