Once upon a time there were easy horsepower gains to be had by bolting an aftermarket exhaust to just about any car.?? One of the side-effects of motor manufacturers looking to increase fuel efficiency is that those days are long gone.?? But that???s not to say that there are no gains to be had from aftermarket exhausts, it???s just that the gains are different.

It???s all about the sound, you hear.?? And that???s especially true for more recent cars, as manufacturers ??? even Porsche ??? make increasingly quiet cars.?? While few people want a car that makes small children burst into tears at idle, many drivers do want a car that sounds as good as it looks, and as well as it goes.

Autohaus Hamilton can offer choices from a number of respected brands.?? For the owners of classic 911s there are a number of options from Dansk.?? We are expecting a shipment of Dansk mufflers which will include polished stainless steel mufflers for pre-1974 cars, and the more aggressive ??port??? muffler, also in stainless steel, for impact bumper cars of 1974-1989.?? We???ve also got Dansk mufflers coming in for Boxster and 996 cars, and tail pieces for 964 and 993 cars.