PORSCHE DESIGN: Fearless Yachts

Based in Miami, Fearless Yachts is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of performance and design. With a philosophy encouraging their customers to expand their vision of exploration while not giving up comfort, power, or luxury, Fearless is the company for those who demand only the best. As Jeffrey Binder, CEO of Fearless Yachts, says, “The luxury of owning a Fearless Yacht could only be compared to the lifestyle of international jet-setter James Bond.”

Together, Fearless and Porsche Design use their superior knowledge of marine and automotive disciplines to create performance that cannot be matched. The Fearless 28 was released in 2007 as the first model in the line. It was immediately named “Best in Show” by Hot Boat Magazine, and given top scores in turns, tracking, and maneuverability by Powerboat Magazine. The vessel boasts a 550 horse power, V10, Dodge Viper engine, specifically redesigned by Porsche. The model is capable of reaching speeds up to 80 mph and has a range of 164 miles at a cruising speed of 40 mph. The powerful engine, though, is only the beginning.

While the exterior is stunning, don’t mistake it for just another pretty boat: the design adds to the yacht’s overall power. The high performance, twin-step, deep V hull construction ensures comfort for the passengers while maintaining speed and maneuverability. Meanwhile, the yacht’s lightweight design (thanks to a glass fiber sandwich and a carbon-reinforced hull) creates a boat built for speed. A seamless hull-to-deck joint provides the yacht with unrivaled strength and styling.

A low profile windshield protects boaters from the harsh wind and makes a comfortable, open environment for enjoying the ocean. The vessel has an original, classically tailored cockpit with seating for five. Beautiful teak wood is used as a unique, non-skid surface over the engine hatch. In addition to its sleek design and spacious interior, the yacht offers a high-end stereo system, or if you would prefer to hear the sounds of the ocean, Silent Choice provides engine noise reduction. Overall the design of the upper deck has been said to echo legendary sports cars such as the Porsche 911 or the Porsche Carrera GT, no surprise, given the designer.

The Fearless 28 has a starting price of $330,000US but with only 50 models made per year, it is a highly coveted item. In addition, the Fearless 44 was revealed at the 2008 Miami International Boat Show. The 44-foot features a custom-made cabin with stateroom and head designed by Porsche. The vessel was one of the venue’s biggest attractions, and now adventurers and boating aficionados alike wait with bated breath for next year’s debut of the 68-foot model.

Fearless Yachts is impacting the boating world with its original designs and new standards for luxury. Whether it is the 28-foot model or the eagerly anticipated 150-foot model, you can rest assured that you will be able to go past the ordinary and into the extraordinary.

In its essence, a Fearless Yacht is exactly that-fearless.

(Source: Hauteliving)