Pimpin' Our Ride Part Two

Way back in January we received a rather handsome piece of kit for our manual??2005 Cayenne. Stage one of the car’s makeover was the installation of a bodykit that would have it looking tough, but still classy, and it proceeded to cause quite a stir around the garage with its chunky good looks. It’s gone through several revisions and much installing, painting and modifying since then and the car rolled back in to the garage this week with just a few finishing touches left to be done.

Cayennes are good looking cars out of the factory; they???ve got the charm of a big chunky four-wheel-drive, with a sophisticated and speedy Porsche edge. We wanted to take ours a little further. We wanted to take an already rare car, the manual version of the Cayenne, and give it some of our individual style and expertise and a unique and stylish look.

Porsche Cayenne Bodykit

So - in rolled the supremely tough-looking body kit, with air scoops on the bonnet and everything. Stage one was to prepare, paint and fit this kit and pimp our ride. Unfortunately, our wise and tempered tastes kicked in for the bonnet scoops, and we decided to leave them to the cutting room floor in the name of a more sophisticated look.

Porsche Cayenne Bodykit

We did, however, develop an Autohaus livery to give the car some flair. It’s subtle, but different, and we’re happy with how it turned out. There’s still much back and forth in the garage about the yellow pinstripes, and Grant has been seen standing, arms folded, deep in thought and pondering it from many angles, so it may yet develop. Let us know what you think!

The wheels were upgraded from the standard 18??to 21??GTSs, but we???re looking for the perfect match and they???ll be upgraded as well.

Porsche Cayenne Bodykit

As will the handling and sound. A set of??KW coilovers will be on the way soon and we’ll be putting in all of our road car and motorsport setup experience to have it bending the laws of physics confidently in the corners. And,??because breathing is important and we love to make music with the loud pedal while charging through the gears in our big manual beast, it???s going to be receiving a new exhaust system as well.

It’s going to be the Geelans’ ride for our upcoming Tour of the Snowy Mountains, so you’ll be able to check it out there, or at the garage, and chat with the crew about it and other projects like it. For now, enjoy the photos and let us know what you think in the comments and on the Facebook page.