The Design Details of Porsche's 991

Porsche???s latest in a long line of lovely 911s is on its way, with the 2012 911, the 991, recently introduced to the world at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Introducing a new 911 is a massive challenge. Porsche have to very delicately balance the looks and performance of a classic sports car with a fifty year legacy, and the tastes and needs of the modern world. It has to be different, while still being the right amount of the same.

The new 911, in which 90% of the components have been either revised or replaced compared to previous models, looks to take inspiration from the best of the 993 and 997, two extremely desirable modern classics, to produce a car with stellar performance and sleek, sophisticated aesthetics.

Enjoy this video from Porsche, in which Michael Mauer, Director of Style for Porsche, takes a dramatically-lit look at the aesthetic design of the car and the reasoning behind some of its design details.

What do you think of the 991 so far?

Image via Porsche

Porsche 991