Join Us for a Norway Ice Driving Experience

Most of my driving lessons took place in the quiet backstreets of Willoughby, where I practiced how to do hill-starts and turn left and generally be a responsible and knowledgeable citizen of the roads. Almost none of them took place on a frozen lake in Norway in a specced-out three litre Porsche 911 rally car.

I wasn???t even allowed any mead.

Our good buddies at Tuthill Porsche in the UK do some pretty amazing things with Porsches, like their Norway Ice Driving Experience. In the Norway Ice Driving Experience, drivers are taken out to an exclusive circuit in rally-prepared 911s where they receive master instruction in the art of ice and snow driving from drivers who have won World Championships on the stuff.

Tuthill call it the experience of a lifetime and say that nothing comes close to the sensation of mastering a 911 rally car on a frozen lake as you tear through some of Europe???s most breathtaking scenery.

Grant Geelan, Autohaus??? fearless navigator, has been out there several times and returned each time with a bigger grin on his face. He calls it a ??igh-octane seat-of-your-pants experience that will give you an incredible thrill while teaching you absolute mastery in car control in the most challenging and rewarding environments.??/p>

Truly, it teaches you while you learn.

Tuthill are going to be running the Ice Driving Experience again in early 2012 and we are going to head up to Norway to show them how much we Aussies know about ice and snow.

We are planning on taking a group up with us, and would love for you to come along. Give Grant a call, or send us an email to let us know that you???re interested and we???ll fill you in on the details.

In the meantime, check out this brilliant video that the boys Tuthill have put together for the upcoming season of ice driving adventures. It has helicopters and everything!