Melbourne Road Trip: VIDEO -Autohaus Hamilton???s Porsches & Coffee by Conor English


Conor is a junior Graphic Designer and Filmmaker from Ireland, formerly Scottish but now has moved to Melbourne, Australia. His passion is spread widely across many forms of art and design, with a dyer obsession for the marque Porsche.

Our roads first crossed online where we saw he captured some Porsche moments through his network of friends in Melbourne. We noticed the Victorian registration so threw out an invite to our Porsches & Coffee event. He humbly accepted and attended where we got to meet face to face – what we didn’t know was he had his camera in hand and was ready to make something very special for us.

We’d like to thank Conor for filming, editing and gifting us this amazing short clip of our Autohaus Hamilton Porsches & Coffee event – he also has quite the portfolio which is worth checking out HERE or email him directly on

It’s time to let his perspective do that talking, enjoy Autohaus Hamilton’s Porsches and Coffee, by Conor English:

AutoHaus Hamilton Melbourne Cars&Coffee - 17.06.2016 from Conor English on Vimeo.