Living the Porsche with SoDUS Films at the Entertainment Quarter

It is with great pleasure that we announce the successful world premiere screening of SoDUS Films??? Living the Porsche, which was held yesterday evening at a stunning event put on by SoDUS Films.

Living the Porsche

The evening kicked off with a wonderful group of Porsche enthusiasts gathering together around the Autohaus Hamilton Group 4 and Porsche???s new 991 in the marble-floored entry hall of Hoyts Entertainment Quarter at Fox Studios, to warm up for the screening by talking cars with friends new and old.

“I was so happy to finally be able to share the film with the world, and to do it on the big screen at a venue like Fox Studios made the project feel even more special.??/i> - David Hutton

Living the Porsche

Heading into the cinema we enjoyed a warm and gracious introduction to the film from director David Hutton. A great friend of Autohaus Hamilton, David introduced his film with grace, telling the story of its name and giving the audience an idea of its meaning and the stories he wanted to tell with it.

Then it was time for the lights to dim, the social buzz to calm, and for the film to shine.

??/i>This was a very big day for Autohaus Hamilton. It???s not every day that you have the opportunity to head to the cinema to watch a film that tells your story, and that of so many people close to you, with such artistry and feeling.??/i> - Grant Geelan

Living the Porsche

Despite starring roles in the film, the Autohaus Hamilton team had avoided watching the final cut before last night???s world premiere, and it was absolutely magic, and more than a little humbling, seeing the film for the first time in a packed cinema.

Sharing the experience with 250 of our closest friends made it even better.

??/i>Myself and the team at SoDUS Films are incredibly proud of the work we???ve done on this film, and after seeing the response that it???s received, we???re inspired to make something even bigger and better this year.??/i> - David Hutton

Living the Porsche

The film has all the hallmarks of a great documentary, telling a compelling human story connected by Porsches and the Porsche brand. It may be a film inspired by cars, but it???s really a film about people, their journeys and their passion, and we believe it???s one which people around the world will know and connect with.

??/i>I???d like to send a most emphatic and warm ??/i>Thank you!??? to Dave Hutton and his team from SoDUS for the opportunity that he???s given us and for the beautiful film that he???s created. Working with him has been an honour, and we can???t wait to see what SoDUS gets up to next!??/i> - Grant Geelan

Living the Porsche

On behalf of everyone in the Autohaus Hamilton family, we???d like to extend our most sincere thanks to David Hutton, director of photography Koji Takahashi-Chan, producer Nathan Griffin, composer Jordan Waller and the team at SoDUS Films for involving us in this project, as well their immense effort and hard work, and the wonderful film that they???ve made.

??/i>Moving forward we have some very exciting Porsche projects under way, and we???d really love to be creating more and more dream Porsches for people the world over. We???re sure that ??/i>Living the Porsche??? will open the world???s eyes to the Porsche lifestyle and Autohaus Hamilton???s?? Porsche creations.??/i> - Grant Geelan

Autohaus Hamilton are holding an additional preview screening of Living the Porsche on Monday the 7th of April at Roseville Cinemas, and SoDUS Films has huge plans for the film going forward. Stay tuned!