ICE, ICE GREEN 930. ???

Ice Green has to be one of my personal favourite colours (Sergio), but in saying that… I can’t think of one person who has seen this colour in person and not had a weird, almost obsessive attraction to it.

The same can be said with the original Turbo, the 930. Bring Ice Green and a 930 together, all that’s left is what trim to match? Well a nice Khaki leather would suit…

Now it’s time to throw a spanner in the works, because I’m sure if you’re on this website and you’ve come this far, you’re already hooked on Porsche. Well, this ice, ice, ice green 930 is actually going to be available for sale very soon and… it has less than 60,000 original kilometres.

Needless to say, you probably have some questions now and if you do - Scott is the best point of contact. You can contact him on (02) 9905 1455 or