Have Fun in Your Porsche at a Burrows Drive Day

We talk a lot about track days, sprint days and racing, but that level of motorsport is not for everyone. Sometimes you just want to get out and give your Porsche a chance to stretch its legs in a safe and controlled environment.

And one of the best ways to do that in Sydney is to get along to a Burrows Drive Day.

Held every month or so at Sydney Motorsport Park, Burrows Drive Days are all about enjoying your car in a safe, non-competitive environment and developing your skills behind the wheel.

There’s no lap timing allowed, the days are non-competitive and they’re limited to twenty drivers in three groups based on experience - new, intermediate and advanced. Sessions are twenty minutes long, which is a good amount of track time without being too much.

This provides plenty of room on the track and means that you’re sharing it with drivers of a skill and experience level that’s close to your own.

Specialist instruction and feedback is available for all drivers, and all new drivers receive a reconnaissance run in the morning, in which an instructor takes them around the track in a passenger car to help them get the lay of the land, and an instructor alongside them for their first session.

The next Burrows Drive Day is up soon and will be held at Sydney Motorsport Park on the 13th of November 2013. The final Burrows Drive Day of the year will be held on the 11th of December, 2013.

We’ve had some interest in getting a group together for the day, so let us know if you’d like to come along and if you’d like us to provide track support.??If the numbers are there to support it, we???ll be there to provide track support (and some excellent company).

Track support includes:

  • Storage, transport, maintenance, and fitting of your track wheels, and refitting your road wheels at the end of an event
  • Car set-up and balancing
  • Mechanical support if and when required
  • Driving coaching and support
  • Our magnificent company, and that of the wonderful crew of people who join us at events (you’ll get this whether you request track support or not)

Check out The Formula Company???s website here for more info about their Burrows Drive Days.