First in the world, once in a lifetime.. A dedicated motion picture production to RWB founder Akira Nakai and the Japanese 12 Hours Idlers Endurance race plus the founding journey of RWB Australia captured in a film of 45 minutes.

Nakai-san comes to Melbourne and spends time with his cars and with the fans as we gather in a cinema to watch film for the first time in the world. Both RWB Australia and New Zealand cars (6 of them) will be displayed under one roof (yes, our Kiwi brothers will be here to join the fun).

This film is also an effort of RWB Australia helping to rebuild the heavily damaged Adriana during the Idlers Endurance race whilst contributing a significant portion to the National Cancer Council of Australia.

Price shown here for world-premiere, IMAX Melbourne, free-seating tickets only. Note: Film will not be released on the internet.

See the trailer: