EVENT: Whiteline Tarmac Rally Sprint, Sydney Dragway

EVENT: Whiteline Tarmac Rally Sprint, Sydney Dragway

What a way to spend a school-night, fanging around the Sydney Dragway’s car park, surrounding roads and drag strip itself. The North Shore Sporting Car Club (NSSCC) really knows how to put together an event, entry was free for spectators and they were treated with some beautifully prepared racers!

This month we headed out in John’s Targa-Prepped GT4. Modified within strict guidelines for rally competition, this GT4 is close to standard but just more… race car. How would it take on the 3km sprint? We had to find out. After a recky lap all the drivers got to know the tight corners and long open straights, from here it was up to each car, driver and navigator, to produce notes and get ready for their night of motoring fun.

We found the GT4 was hardly even being opened up on this sprint, only using 1st and 2nd gear for 95% of the 3km sprint. Even though the GT4 may not have been the pick for the event, it was surely fun. The rest of the field consisted of Mitsubishi Evolutions, hot hatches, drift cars and even a few time attack cars.

Thanks to NSSCC for the great event!

Photos from the event: