EVENT: Porsches & Coffee June 24th

The time has come again for everyone's favourite and most visited, Autohaus Hamilton’s Porsche’s & Coffee!
Throughout our last few Porsches & Coffee events, we’ve managed to consistently bring together some of the rarest, cleanest, roughest, coolest and newest Porsches’, all into one place! Every month the event has slowly gotten bigger, with more new faces and more Porsches coming out of the stables. This is, of course, thanks to all of you!

Because of this growth Grant and the team at Waterview Cafe have organised for two secure roads to be closed for our gathering, along with traffic control and clearances to keep this display of Porsche sitting pretty and undisturbed throughout the few hours the event runs.

Please join us for an easy Sunday morning, celebrating the marque we love so much Porsche.

Event Details:

When: Sunday - June 24th, 2018
Where: Waterview Cafe, Bicentennial Drive, Bicentennial Park. Sydney Olympic Park, NSW 2127
Time: 7am - 10am
RSVP: alina@autohaushamilton.com.au with your car make and model