EVENT: Luftgek??hlt II, Deus Ex Machina

What an event! We don't want to try and explain the feelings, sounds and the overall vibe of the event, but looking at the photos it was an amazing day! The guys at Car Stories are first to get word on out on the day, including quite a few amazing photographs. To see their article click on link below.

"When the 935 K3’s angry idle finally fell silent, a wide smile swept over Bruce’s face, and he stepped outside to shake hands and swap stories with fellow Porsche fans. Across the backyard, Magnus Walker was holding court, detailing the subtle modifications on his latest creation, a ’65 911. Nearby, a pair of screenprinters were turning out posters emblazoned with the silhouette of a 904 under a “Luftgekuhlt” banner. A cloud of smoke billowed, not from an overheated engine, but from a taco truck with a line of hungry people growing in front of it. Even the rain clouds, all but guaranteed to spoil the event, decided to hold off until evening.

In sum, an exceptional event, and an unlikely one, especially considering its age. Long live “Luftgekuhlt”!" - Car Stories

Great Job Deus!