When we got word that there was a little European gathering called Eurofest 2K16, we checked our calendars to only be greeted with the good news that we had nothing planned. We emailed the organisers and asked if our Group 4 would be welcome and if they’d have a special spot for us. Not much longer after we received word back and once again, good news!

Come Saturday we headed out to south western Sydney to a small derelict holding yard for an old landscaping business. The vibe was actually quite nice, as the location resembled many little European car meet from across the shores.

As we rolled in the first car to take our notice was a little Abarth 500 with tasteful modifications, backed up a Liberty Walk BMW E92 M3 and finished off with handful of functional built BMW’s and Audis. Even though we were the only Porsche on display, it was great to see some other makes and models surrounding the Group 4.

All in all, it was nice to take the Group 4 to an event slightly out of its ordinary and see a younger generation of car enthusiasts enjoy what we have designed and built.