Darwin Highs and Lows

Damage Suffered in Race Two
Terry Lawlor was just three points shy of the Class C win at round three of the Touring Car Masters (presented by Autobarn) at Darwin???s Hidden Valley. Lawlor scored 180 points with Class A wins in races one and three and a fifth in race two.

The #73 Carrera was on the pace all weekend, but damage suffered in race two hampered the Lawlor???s second event in the category.

After a solid ninth outright and convincing class win in race one, Lawlor braked to avoid an out of shape car heading in to the first turn of the second race??? only tp have the left rear of his Porsche tagged by a passing car.

After a quick repair job, he rejoined the field a lap down in an attempt to salvage vital championship points. Lawlor finished 19th outright and fifth in class.

??att Worsley from Autohaus Hamilton did a great job ??? working extremely hard to get the car back on the road for race three,??Lawlor said.

Starting 19th in the third race, Lawlor quickly set to making up lost ground and charged his way up to ninth on the track over the duration of the race, claiming his second class win for the weekend.

With a two month break until the next round at Eastern Creek’s Muscle Car Masters event September 3-4, Lawlor has the car booked in for a makeover at Exclusive Body Werks and a trip to Autohaus Hamilton to make sure it is in fine form for Sydney.

??here was a plan for a bit of a makeover on the car. Now we???ve got no choice with the panel damage we???ve got and obviously we???ll check the running gear but I think that???s all OK.??/p>

Terry Lawlor thanks all his supporters for the 2011 Touring Car Masters Championship:

  • Exclusive Body Werks
  • Autohaus Hamilton
  • Glasurit
  • EBS Racing America