Custom Builds - 964 Skunkworks Update

Everyday a new package has arrived, and we’re finally able to start putting the 964 ‘Skunkworks’ back together!

So where are we at? Well, Matt has been working all week in our Engine Room. Piecing together the power plant - the heart, that’s going to keep this mean 964 running. They’ve opted to go with a 3.6, packing some forged high-compression pistons and a completely blueprinted engine block.

The head has been ported and polished, along with an installation of a custom camshaft, race valves and individual throttle bodies. The whole package will be fined tuned with its Motech ECU and exhaust flow and note are taken care of, with a full Fabspeed Dual Sports Exhaust.

With the heart taken care of; the cosmetics and interior, even though subtle, has a lot going on. With new rubbers throughout, all the interior trimmings arrived and all the left body parts painted and ready to be fitted.

So what’s next? With everything being brand new, reconditioned or custom, piecing the car together is a slow and tedious activity. To ensure everything aligns, everything works, everything is to Autohaus Hamilton standard.

We’ll keep the updates coming!

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