COOL IT: 996 Turbo Alloy Radiator Upgrade

With such a high performance from factory, a diverse list of regular maintenance items is expected to keep the 996 Turbo performing at it’s peak throughout its lifespan. Over time rubber and other weathering items will fade, crack and become unusable. This is also apparent with the factory radiators, taking head on the worst the road has to offer; insects, debris, pollution, kilometres of open and bumpy roads.

This was the case for one customer and his (otherwise) very tidy 996 Turbo. With a few drips of coolant finding its way to the floor, the warning sign was lifted that it was time to have the cooling system inspected. After removing the front bar, we found the 996’s radiators to be in a (expected) bad way.

The options were simple:
1) Replace with standard
2) Upgrade to a more effective, lightweight aluminium product.

The second option was opted for as it suited the owners requirements and use of his vehicle the most. Here you can see the old used factory parts compared with new CSF Racing products.

CSF Racing radiators uses "B-Tube" technology which is unlike a regular oval shape "O" type radiator tube, CSF uses a specially engineered tube in a shape of a "B". These "B-tubes" are carefully formed and then brazed over the seam to seal. CSF is able to use thinner and lighter aluminium material (better cooling efficiency) because this design is actually stronger than normal "O" shape tubes that are welded. The design (inlet in the middle of tube that is seam brazed) increases the heat transfer surface area of the tubes by approximately 15% over regular tubes.

You get the efficiency of 2 smaller tubes vs. 1 large tube within the same space criteria. With B-tubes you are able to get "dual liquid laminar flow. High Efficiency Multi Louvered Fin CSF uses ultra efficient multi louvered fins that are carefully and precisely aligned to maximise airflow through each radiator core. Fin specifications are carefully measured and calculated for each application, and tested for maximum heat rejection efficiency in our wind-tunnel lab. Features: "B-Tube" Technology Wind tunnel tested for optimal radiator core cooling efficiency ISO 9001/9002 certification CNC machined fittings All Aluminium tanks and core.

The end product is clean, effective and utilised the factory mounting points. The product allows the 996 to run at a cooler temperature and stay at a cooler temperature even during spirited driving. This is a great upgrade for Australia’s hot climate and even better for the more spirited driver.

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