Closer to An Immaculate RS

Our 1971 911 E project has come a long way on its journey to become the most immaculate RS lightweight replica that you can imagine, and we???ve got the scoop on where it???s at.

When we last left off it was in the very early stages of its preparation to enter a more refined, sophisticated stage of life.

We removed its rollcage and stripped it back in preparation for its bodywork and paint to be repaired and brought back to better-than-new glory. From there it went to our master paint and bodywork partners, who stripped it back to bare metal, repaired and cleaned up as necessary and prepared the bodywork for painting.

The contemporary thinking about painting is that the primer coats need some time to harden and, in turn, form the best foundations for the highest quality finish. So the car received its first two stages of primer and was then allowed to sit and mature for a month before it was rubbed down and properly prepared for painting.

73 RS Project Motor

Stipping back the engine for measurement and refurbishment.

While the bodywork was being prepared and primered we got to work on the engine. It was stripped back to bare crank cases and all internal measurements; crank shafts, line borings; everything that could possibly need checking, were taken and checked and found to be well within tolerances.

All internal components were satisfactory and all that was required was a set of intermediate shaft bearings, which were replaced as a service item.

From there we stripped the cylinder heads and checked all related components, making the decision to install a new set of upgraded valve springs to compliment the cylinder heads.

Next up was an inspection of the cams, pistons and piston rings, which were all in excellent condition.

73 RS Project

Components are powder coated, re-plated and refurbished.

As part of the immaculate, better-than-new approach, all external components, like rocker covers and brackets have all been sent to be powder coated and nuts, bolts, fuel lines, pulleys, straps and brackets have all gone to be re-plated and refurbished.

And now we???re up to the really fun stuff, where we get to focus on the details and install all of the shiny bits that will really make this car shine as an immaculate ???73 RS.

We???re on the home stretch and we can???t wait to show you the finished car soon!