Classic Porsches Top Group S Historics

Porsche Historics

The Porsche marque is amongst the most storied and successful names in the history of motorsport. A Porsche time still sits at the top of the most hallowed of all circuits - the Nurburgring Nordschleife??in Germany. And at the recent All Historic Winter event run by the HSRCA at Eastern Creek, Porsche 911s continued the name’s dominance in motorsport.

Autohaus prepared and serviced Porsches put on a supremely entertaining show at the pointy end of the field, dicing fearlessly for the top spots on the podium throughout the one practice and three races held over the weekend. In the end, 911s filled out the podium in every Group Sb race, and occupied most of the top ten just for good measure.

Geoff Morgan took race four, followed by Bob Fraser, and??Peter Boylan.

Terry Lawlor was out having fun with the historics as well, pitting his beautiful Porsche EBS Spyder against the likes of a 1985 Ferrari F1 car that was lapping Eastern Creek comfortably under 1:30 - the??156/85. He had a consistent weekend, moving up the order and doing the EBS justice.

Enjoy this gallery of the weekend’s action.