Caf? Racing with Oli Coulthard & Superyouman

Sydney has waved goodbye to the rain storms and miserable days, replacing them with picturesque warm winter days – just perfect! It’s an amazing time of year to catch up with old and new friends, and of course to enjoy the machine we love so dearly! With a great forecast we organised to capture the essence of what pushes us through each week – mechanical glory, sunshine, good times and… of course café racing.

This weekend we caught up with young Sydney sider, Oli Coulthard, if that name sounds familiar it’s probably because it is. High octane fuel runs through his veins and throughout the family tree, a close relative of the iconic racer David Coulthard. Oli found his first love for speed at 16 years old racing a 1000CC superbike in Europe. Years later his passion for going fast hasn’t stopped, but he’s also picked up another passion – capturing moments; photography and videography.

Along with Oli we caught up with Sebastian from Be-SuperYouMan a fitness and life coach who hails from the mother land Germany who now resides and works here in Sydney. He knows as much about Porsche as Wikipedia as he worked for Porsche for many years before moving to Australia. Now his passion of fitness has become his career and his addiction for speed satisfied by a one-off Ducati Sport 1000S. One he’s designed from the ground up, just like our 911 Group 4.

The day kicked off in the city, meeting at Sebastian’s gym (Ultimate Fitness Centre Sydney CBD) where we worked out a plan of attack for the day; first stop – Barangaroo, second stop – Cross City Tunnel, third stop – Clovelly Cemetery, forth stop – Bondi Beach, fifth stop – Lane Cove National Park, sixth stop – Macquarie University. With the plan sorted it was time to warm the engines and take off.

FIRST STOP – BARANGAROO : It’s about the reflections

Barangaroo is the newest suburb in Sydney’s CBD. Built for an upcoming casino, residential growth and some business districts, the architecture is stunning. Many new little cafes and shops, more importantly many beautiful glass front buildings. As a car or motorbike guy, you’ll know all about reflections and just how much we snap our necks checking them out each day.


Our second stop was a studio in motion, Sydney’s Cross City tunnel. Oli wanted to capture the almost ‘Tron’ like feel of Sebastian’s custom Ducati. Without a doubt he managed to capture the moment more than appropriately, showing off the clean lines and function of the 1000S.

THIRD STOP – CLOVELLY CEMETERY : Some things aren’t ever meant to die.

Timeless is a word that goes hand in hand with Porsche and Ducati. Both makes have been designing functionally beautiful machines since day one and enthusiast all around the globe spend endless amounts of money and time restoring, rebuilding and customising these fine machines. Some things aren’t ever meant to die.

FORTH STOP – BONDI BEACH : Australian Icons

As icons go Bondi Beach is a place known worldwide for its beauty, fun and sunshine. Every tourist who visits Australia has to stop by, so we thought it’d be only right to pull over and let the crowds enjoy the special two. Moments after pulling over the crowds got a little larger than expected so getting a clear shot was hard – we did manage this very inviting shot though:


After the hustle bustle of Bondi we needed a quite location with some greenery, thinking it was time to get out of the east we headed north over the Sydney Harbour Bridge towards Lane Cove and its quite, almost rainforest like, national park.


To finish off the afternoon we found ourselves at Macquarie University, the campus was completely empty with hardly a soul in sight. On the roof top of the car park there wasn’t another car and the welcoming warm afternoon sun light provided ample location for some more details shots.

A great afternoon with great company. If you’re interested in checking out some more of Oli’s work jump onto his Instagram @oli.coulthard or contact him directly on