Autohaus Hamilton's Porsches and Coffee Meet - November 2016

Autohaus Hamilton's Porsches and Coffee Meet - November 2016


It was time for Sydney to come together once more and enjoy an easy Sunday morning amongst the brand we love, Porsche. Once again the destination was selected to be The Boathouse, Palm Beach which is about 45minutes north of Sydney (without Sydney traffic of course). With daylight savings now passed even though the time was the same, 7am to 10am, we knew this month we’d be greeted with a hot, bright sun on arrival.

And on arrival, you guessed it, the sun and heat was waiting… along with millions of little blow flies. Unsure where these flies came from but it felt like we were in Australia’s red deserts and not one of Australia’s most famous beaches. You’d think a plague of flies would dampen the mood but as the Porsches arrived, the mood lifted and the flies had more people to diversify themselves on… win – win!


By 8am there was already well over 100 Porsches present, with 140 sending in their reservations we were anticipating the convoy to keep rolling in for the hours to come. By 9am we were closer to 140 and the Porsches arriving were not lessening. Classic and late model cars all parked together looking amazing; along with a special duo , a 356 coupe and 356 speedster, both black and both with iconic number plates ‘356’. A handful of 991 GT3RS’s were on display, with the purple definitely leaving many people speechless in its beauty.


We didn’t quite hit the numbers of our last event (182), with a couple of other events going in and around Sydney we were anticipating numbers to be slightly lower; but last counting being around the mid-150s we were still very grateful another spectacular event. Thank you for all who attended!

Over 150 + photos to go, enjoy them!