Autohaus Hamilton - Our Sales Process

Our Process:

For the buyer we offer the peace of mind that comes from knowing that every car we sell comes with a complete pre-sale inspection prior to sale. This is irrespective of whether it is a Porsche we have serviced for years and know intimately or one we are seeing for the 1st time. It is the same inspection we would do for you if you found a Porsche privately and wanted us to inspect it.

The Steps:

  • Provenance - is it what they say it is? For most modern cars this is easily established with a registration document, a quick check around the car and a look through the books. But for older, rarer cars where a lot of their value is tied to their originality; we will double check with Porsche Cars Australia. We need to verify how close the car currently is to its original delivery specification i.e., is it matching numbers, the original colour, what were the options etc?
  • History - We check through the books / documentation / invoices to see if any major works of note have been completed such as engine / gearbox rebuilds etc.
  • Title – Lastly, we complete a title search to see if the car appears on the government PPSR register as written off, stolen or encumbered.

If all of the above checks out, the car will then move on to the workshop for its physical inspection.

Some of our staff have been working on Porsches since as far back as the mid 70’s so we are lucky enough to have a reference point of how most of these cars were from new and that is where we start.

The inspection focuses on the following areas in this order:

Bodywork / Chassis - Is there evidence of major or minor accident repair, rust or water damage etc... if any of those items are particularly bad at this point the inspection will often stop and the car will not be offered for sale.

Vehicle / Engine Diagnostics – This is more relevant to cars built from 1998. These cars record their faults in the onboard computer and we access them through computer diagnostics. This is particularly important for checking on operating hours and over revs on manual cars.

Roadworthy Items - Items in a condition that will not pass a road worthy inspection, e.g. tyres, brake discs / pads, suspension / steering components, engine / gearbox oil leaks, seatbelts, lights, glass etc. must be rectified prior to sale.

General Mechanical & Functional Items - If there are items where the general age-based expectation is that it should be working then those items are fixed prior to sale too, for example gauges, seat controls, window motors, locking items, switches etc…items that are used all the time.

Age Related Wear & Tare Items - There will be some items that are noted on the report but are not rectified, they may have ‘monitor’ next to them and they may be items that are worn but do not yet require replacement. This is more often the case with cars that are 15 + years of age. Lastly there will be general wear and tear items such as carpets, interior coverings, trims, rubbers, mouldings etc. Either way you will know about them because they will be on the report.

If required, we can also carry out any of the following additional checks:

  • Engine Compression & Leakage tests.
  • Cylinder Bore scope checks.
  • Head stud checks.
  • Electronic Paint depth reports etc…

If your soon to be new Porsche gets through all the above checks and balances, there is not much more you can do to buy the right car.