993 Targa - Targa Roof Service

The Porsche 993 Targa was the first 911 to step away from the detachable Targa-top roof and instead had a full glass roof which slides open. Over time the three motors, countless lines and rubber components running this mechanism begin to wear and eventually fault. Rectifying this problem isn’t hard, but it is VERY time consuming.

Fortunately for this beautiful Targa example the owner has had the pleasure of enjoying the roof for many, many years and couldn’t comprehend driving this rare car without complete function of its main feature.

The whole roof is meant to be taken off to complete this service, but with the knowledge and whit we have here at Autohaus Hamilton we managed to leave the structural elements of the roof in whilst taking out the skeleton which holds all the mechanism.

Peter went through and replaced, tuned, lubricated and then aligned every joint to optimum smoothness. With everything complete now it’s time for this Targa to enjoy the fruits of glass-top motoring once again.

If you’re interested in getting your Targa-top serviced, give us a call on (02) 9417 0911 or drop us an email on service@autohaushamilton.com.au