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Our part's department is here for you and your Porsche. Not only do we directly support our service department, but there aren't many regular requested parts we don't already stock or alternatively can source for you in no time at all.  

This means the parts which we offer for sale from Autohaus Hamilton Parts are the exact same parts that we use in the service, maintenance and modification of customer cars.

In many cases these are Porsche branded parts, and in others we use either factory-recommended brands or top-quality, reliable aftermarket brands. We’ll only sell a part if it’s every bit as good as the car it will be used on.

We’re living our Porsche dream, and it’s our mission to make sure that you’re doing the same, so we’ve made friendly, second-to-none customer service a pillar of our business. We’ll help you work out exactly what you need and provide advice on the various options and levels of performance available to you as well as their quality, reliability and price.

We carry a full range of filters, belts, brake, clutch and ignition components and much, much more besides. On top of that we airfreight parts from all over the world on a weekly basis, so we can always get what we don’t already have on hand.

Need something bespoke, unusual or otherwise difficult to find? We can help you track it down! And we’ll do it for a competitive price as well.

Contact our Parts Division directly on (02) 9417 5166 or parts@autohaushamilton.com.au 


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