Custom Builds

Custom Builds

Porsche Special Projects

Sometimes your dream Porsche can’t be bought off the production line or found second hand. It may be an extremely rare car, a one-off, or a completely custom machine which only exists in your imagination.

At Autohaus Hamilton, we can help you design and build it, turning that dream Porsche into a reality.

Special Porsche projects, bespoke Porsches, custom vehicle builds, replica cars and modifications are specialities of ours and we love to push our creative and technical boundaries in developing these dream machines.

We offer Porsche concepting, research, design, fabrication and building services and can manage the complete project from the planning and concepting phase through to delivering a finished car.

We can design the car for you, or help you to design and refine the concept and put together a brief for your bespoke Porsche creation.

We want to make it possible for everyone to build their dream Porsche, from the simplest of modifications to the most extravagant and out there builds. Accountability, communication and transparency core values in our business and are exceptionally important when managing a bespoke Porsche Project. We’ll keep you up to date and involved with what’s going on with your car at all times and deliver your car to budget and on time.

To ensure that this happens we offer complete planning and budgeting services for the vehicle including all modifications to be implemented and parts to be used.

Custom builds can often require highly specialised and hard to find parts and modifications, and we have developed a network of partners to provide bodywork modifications, painting and parts, and can even help you find the perfect donor car for the project.

The process of building a project Porsche is a fun one, and we’ll be documenting the whole thing from start to finish for your records and our own. We produce project stories for our website, and your car will be featured online in a way that makes it easy for you to share the journey with your friends and family, as well as other Porsche enthusiasts. And if you’d like to keep your build to yourself, we’ll respect that too.


If you have a specific project in mind or just know that you want something a little bit different, please contact us and we can have a chat about building you a dream Porsche.

 Call (02) 9417 0911 or send an Email Enquiry.




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