Porsche Sales

Porsche Sales

Buy Your Porsche From Autohaus Hamilton

We’re committed to making your Porsche ownership the rewarding experience it should be, and that all starts with you driving away in the best possible example of the Porsche of your dreams.

Autohaus Hamilton Sales stocks and sources the finest examples of the Porsche marque in Australia. We sell pre-owned Porsches from the classic 356 all the way through to the latest 991 911, Boxster, Cayenne and Cayman.

If the Porsche of your dreams isn’t waiting for you in our showroom already, we’ll find it for you. We can source vehicles from anywhere in the world and we’re particularly adapt at tracking down special and rare Porsches.

Our service department, involvement in every aspect of the Australian Porsche community and unparalleled Porsche network give us access to the best pre-owned Porsches in Australia. Often enough the cars we sell are our customer’s cars, giving us a great relationship with them and unusually in-depth understanding of them that will ultimately make your Porsche ownership experience a better one.

All Porsches sold by Autohaus Hamilton Sales go through our renowned Porsche service workshop and receive a full inspection and service to bring the car up to the same high standards as the cars coming out of our service and motorsport departments.

We can provide third party pre-purchase inspections on any of our vehicles, financing on most vehicles and can trade in any vehicle. We can also ship our cars anywhere in the country, or the world.

Whether you're looking for your first Porsche or are a long-time Porsche enthusiast looking for a change, it will be worth your while talking to Scott and Autohaus Hamilton Sales.


Sell your Porsche through Autohaus Hamilton

“We take the hell out of the sell”

How many people will hand over hundreds of thousands of dollars to someone on their driveway? Do you want to be receiving cash or cheques to that sum from a complete stranger? How many evenings, mornings or afternoons do you want to give up to take strangers on test drives? Can you organise a trade in, can you offer finance? Are you insured through this process? Can you buy or sell a Porsche privately with complete peace of mind?

These are just some of the subjects we discuss with our clients when they want to buy or sell their Porsche.

Autohaus Hamilton Sales is designed to make the buying and selling process easy and stress free. Being a specialist of one particular marque means that buyers will seek out cars being sold by us because they can expect the car will be of very high standard or described faithfully. Customers that sell their cars with us trust that we will achieve the very best price for them.

Porsche is a very small manufacturer in Australia and so customers looking for the perfect car to buy will often have to look interstate. Armed with the knowledge they are buying from experts our interstate customers will often buy from us sight unseen. The same is true for selling, we often take delivery of cars to be sold from interstate because our customers want to have their cars in the best possible forum for a sale.

If you want us to sell your car with Autohaus Hamilton there are two scenarios to choose from. You can simply sell your car to us. After a detailed inspection we will decide if we want to own your car and make you a competitive offer on the spot. Alternatively we offer consignment services. We charge a fee to sell your car but you retain ownership until it is sold.

After the inspection and preferred sale method is agreed the vehicle is prepared. Any work needed on the car is carried out, the car is detailed, photographed and placed into our large advertising network.

Our dealer services include:

1. We can take trade ins whether they are Porsche or not.. Approximately 50% of our sales involve a trade in.

2. We offer finance for purchasers through specialists in performance cars. Finance companies will generally not offer finance on cars being sold by private individuals.

3. For vehicles less than 10 years of age we provide a statutory warranty. For vehicles of more than 10 years old we have several ‘third party’ warranty options available.

4. We organise freight for interstate or overseas customers.

5. Interstate cars that require an inspection we have trusted advisors in all major cities.


If you have a Porsche to sell and do not want to go through the hell often associated with managing a private sale give Scott or Anthony a call and let them make it effortless.

Contact the showroom(02) 9417 0911 or Email the showroom: sales@autohaushamilton.com.au.

Contact Scott: 0411 023 663  or email Scott: scott@autohaushamilton.com.au

Contact Anthony: 0414 959 911  or email Anthony: anthony@autohaushamilton.com.au

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