WEEKLY UPDATE: Week 29, 2016 at Autohaus Hamilton

Firstly, we’d like to apologise – unfortunately we’ve missed a couple of weeks of our ‘through the lens’ weekly updates… BUT fortunately we have been working really hard and have a lot to catch up on!

We’ll kick it off with our 911 Group 4’s Melbourne Trip; we crossed the boarder to take part at the Meguiar’s MotorEx car show, whilst being down there we also managed to catch up with the Porsche community in Melbourne inviting them all our for a morning coffee – with huge success! We haven’t attached any of the hundreds of photos in this blog post, but you can view them all HERE.

In the workshop we’ve been flat chat, the photos below will give you an indication of what has been coming through for some Autohaus Hamilton love. An even mix of early and late model Porsches. There’s really so much to say, so for this week we’ll let the photos do ALL the talking. Enjoy 152 captured moments of Week 29, 2016 at Autohaus Hamilton: