Week 39, 2015 - In Photos

With the long weekend eating into our working week, we were left with only 4 business days… and then of course packed in is 5 full days of work to get through. Game on! This weeks main focus was servicing, with an upcoming customer drive on the weekend the rush was on to get some minor servicing and safety checks complete before hitting the open road.

The very special #555 rally car returned, enjoying it’s first event since leaving us last. The owner re-inspired to continue enjoying his car, that once again a new set up will be sorted and sent right back out for some motorsport fun. Our project 3.8RSR is coming along, with the final tweaks to the loom and liquids in… firing it up isn’t very far away. Matt tinkered away in the engine room, completing a fresh 930 build with a few elaborations to get around the 400HP at the wheels! Will prove to be one handful of a 930, very fun.

Enjoy Week 39 at Autohaus Hamilton: