Week 37, 2015 - In Photos

What a crazy week it’s been! This week there’s over 130 images to scroll through, with a huge push of servicing through the workshop there really is a huge diversity below. Early girls were most definitely the flavour, with 901 series 911’s snapping up the attention left, right and centre.

It was a good week for project cars, handing back the keys to two special rides; the signal orange 2.7 Carrera Targa and one beautiful guards red G-series 911. The 2.7 had a complete restoration; which included the body, interior, engine, electrical… everything! The red 911 having a fresh engine, wiring touch up, some pedal box work, suspension and few other bits and bobs. We hope they provide many great motoring moments with this gift of a fresh start. Finally, our 3.8RSR is coming along, with the interior starting to take place.

Enjoy Week 37 @ Autohaus Hamilton: