Week 36, 2015 - In Photos

This is one of those weeks that the photos will most definitely do the talking, we were flat out and with our service manager taking a quick holiday (which was well deserved!) we all had a bit of extra work on our platter, on top of the already abundance of work in the service and projects workshop.

Big news in Porsche world this week was the premiere of their ‘Mission-E’ which really made an impact across the world, using Le Mans technology in a futuristic family sports sedan. A past project car, 1973 911S Targa came in for her first service since being rebuild and in went a 600+hp engine into a 996TT project on the move.

There’s not much else to report this week, with over 100 photos and so many different and rare Porsches gracing us with their presence this week we’re better off letting their beauty do the talking, enjoy Week 36 @ Autohaus Hamilton: