Week 33, 2015 - In Photos

Week 33, 2015 @ Autohaus Hamilton

Week 33 started last Sunday, where we were met with another surprising whether twist leaving most of Sydney under a blanket of rain water. We had planned to take on the Blue Mountains region in an almost western loop of what’s just outside Sydney. 65 Porsche’s had sent their reservation, but with this weather… we weren’t expecting all to show. You can read the full story about the 27 brave drivers who did meet the drive head on, here.

Come Monday, the rain continued to make things a little harder than needed and with the workshop packed to the brim with the jobs on we knew we had our work cut out for us. It was a nice week for early girls, with a handful of 901’s floating around adding limitless beauty to carpark and workshop. We also received our new hubs that we’ve designed for the early 911’s. These will be going on the 911 Rally car for testing very soon!

Next week we’re off a Burrows Day at Sydney Motorsport Park on Tuesday and other than that it’s going to standard Porsche living for the rest of us at Autohaus Hamilton. Got to love that!

Enjoy Week 33, through the lens @ Autohaus Hamilton: