Week 23, 2015. - In Photos

Rain, it has been nice. Thanks for feeding all the plants but it’s really time you left, we’re just not going to need your services next week. We need to get some work done and you’re just getting in the way when you hang around this long.

In saying that, the sun has been breaking through these Friday afternoon clouds and hopefully, just hopefully we will not only get some sun this weekend and be able to enjoy a nice Sunday drive, but get back to work Monday and have blue skies ready to go all week long.

Wet or not, it’s been busy. Scott in our Sales Department has had another cracking week once again finding new homes for some a few very special Porsches. He also had a bit of lucky sourcing some new stock for later in the month, but we’ll leave that until then! In the Service Department we were greeted with a real mixed bag of lollies, with no one model winning majority share this week.

Our Skunkworks RS-4 project car was featured on Speedhunters, which was is an absolute honour. Can’t wait to spend some more time with them over the next few months and help share our passion of Porsche across the world.

Week 23 @ Autohaus Hamilton: