Week 15, 2015 - In Photos.

If you have been following our weekly updates, I’m sure this week you would have been wondering… ‘Didn’t Sydney’s Northern Beaches get absolutely slammed by the rain storms early in the week?’ and well, we did! But by sheer chance and a lot of wishing upon a star we managed to scrap through the torrential rain with no flooding or any damages! Phew.

Monday was a very special day for us, we were lucky enough to have Blake (Australian Correspondent) from Speedhunters drop in to check out the complete 964 RS-4, or more commonly known as ‘Skunkworks’. We spent the day in our new showroom going over every inch of the project, from the beginning to all the hurdles we had to jump. With the rain climaxing Monday afternoon unfortunately we didn’t get to finish the shoot and will have to do motion shots soon.

The rest of the week was filled with servicing, servicing, servicing and drying the wet floors. A beautiful blue 356 came in to brighten our day on Tuesday with a very rare red Cayman S catching on and bringing some colour into the workshop.

We’re really proud of the team this week, with the Northern Beaches being one of the hardest hit areas with traffic and flooding, the whole team worked hard and stayed focused. With week 15 come and gone, now attention turns to next week… which starts this Sunday at Sydney Motorsport Park!

Until then, here’s week 15 @ Autohaus Hamilton: