Introducing the Autohaus Hamilton 911SC Group 4

We’ve come a long way since we first introduced you to the Autohaus Hamilton 911SC Group 4 project car, and today we’re happy to bring home the finished car to meet the family.

We set out on this project with a handful of goals. We wanted to build something different, which inspired us, resonated with our audience and embodied an era. It would, of course, have plenty of presence and power, but we also wanted it to be a nice place to be; something that you could drive to work a few days a week and then spend Sunday full-tilt hanging the back out.

The Autohaus Hamilton Group 4 Project Car

A few months ago, we hit the road in it for the first time. Since then we???ve been testing, refining and developing it, and we???re now looking forward to putting it out into the world as a finished car.

We’re very proud to have built the car we set out to build and we’re loving the reception it’s getting. When you build a car that’s a little out there, like this one, you never know how people are going to react and if they’re going to like it. So we went for it, stuck to our vision and built the car that inspired us, and we’re thrilled to see that people don’t just like it - they love it!

The Autohaus Hamilton Group 4 Project Car

Along the way we only had to make to minor changes: moving to center-lock wheels, and leaving behind the planned navigation system.

This is impressive because our plans involved throwing the full performance catalogue into the car and employing a collection of performance parts and modifications which may have been around for a while, but have never been put together in the same machine. You never know how parts are going to interact until you put them together and use them, and we usually only see one or two of these kinds of parts in any given car car. This has them all!

The project has been an exciting challenge and a great research and development experience, and we???re really happy with how we developed the car and got all of these good bits working together.

The Autohaus Hamilton Group 4 Project Car

The car’s done close to its first 1000 kilometers and we’ve refined the interior and the fitting of its aesthetic parts, sorted all of the initial creaks and rattles and developed an engine tune that we’re very happy with.

The tune was a challenge, because initially we had a whomp of power and torque up high, but a lack of sparkle down low. This didn’t really suit our goals for driveability, so we set to work and with some development produced a tune that gave us really good torque and driveability down low with a nice linear curve throughout the rev range - all the way up to that exciting top end surge.

The Autohaus Hamilton Group 4 Project Car

So, what’s it like to drive?

The power curve is a marvel. It’s driveable, with plenty of power down low and a tremendous surge toward the red line once the revs climb. When they do, and you need to reverse their efforts, the brakes are absolutely astounding. Stomp on them and the car settles and stops in a grounded and predictable way. These are qualities we’re very proud of, because in an out-and-out track car they can often be lacking, with lumpy power down low and brakes that want to get nice and hot before they reveal their true performance.

With its coilovers and semi-solid mounts, and the laundry list of trick suspension bits, it could have been a harsh and unpleasant road machine, but it actually drives and handles very nicely on the road and does it while still being comfortable. It even handled Pittwater road’s notorious concrete slabs and Sydney’s craterous roads with aplomb!

It has an edge to it; character, and you might not want to do a marathon road trip down to Melbourne and back, but it’s comfortable and a pleasant place to spend a few driving hours. The air-con is something else, and will easily overpower Sydney’s most scorching of summer days, the radio and bluetooth work and, thanks to the lightweight sound deadening we used to replace the stock sound deadening, interior noise isn’t overpowering.

The Autohaus Hamilton Group 4 Project Car

And it has presence! You’ve never seen a car that turns heads and incites smiles like this one does.

“Grant and I both agree that we’ve never driven a car which has so much street presence - making people happy, leaning forward taking in all the little details.”

“I was driving back from the city and noticed a mum in an Audi station wagon stuck to my bumper like glue, purely at request to her son who must’ve been eleven or twelve and was filming the car with his iPhone.” - Scott Lang

We???re thrilled with how the car turned out and can???t wait to get you all more closely-acquainted with it over the coming days and weeks. Stay tuned for more, make sure to come check the car out, and we???ll see you on the open road!

To conclude, a recap of its spec:

  • Body:

    • Factory RHD 3.2 Carrera completely stripped and repainted in original colour GP White
    • All door frames, brightwork and trim removed, cleaned and re surfaced
    • 911 SC Group 4 wheel arches, front spoiler, ducktail, 935 mirrors
    • Lightweight GRP bumper bars

  • Interior:

    • RS carpet set without rear seats (fittings will be retained so rear seats can be re installed)
    • Lightweight carbon fiber seats
    • WEVO billet shifter with centre console delete and switches moved to dashboard
    • Engine start button
    • Momo Prototipo steering wheel in Alcantara
    • 964RS style door panels and pulls.
    • Alcantara dash, knee pads, door tops
    • Rennline black anodised floorboards and pedals

  • Engine

    • 3.4L piston and barrel set to run 10.3:1 compression ratio
    • Remapped Motronic ECU set up to run on 98 RON fuel
    • Custom cams
    • Extrude honed manifold with larger throttle body
    • Lightweight valve spring and retainers
    • Complete rebuild right down to the crank with blueprinted assembly (everything weighed and matched for fine tolerance)

  • Drivetrain

    • Rebuilt G50 gearbox with new performance clutch and WEVO billet shifter
    • Limited slip differential
    • Lightweight aluminium pressure plate