Steve Wong Porsche 911 Chips Boost Power and Torque

911 Models?? - 1984 to 1998 models (normally aspirated)

Porsche 911 Performance Chip

For many earlier Porsches,??Steve Wong & his 911Chips??company offer an effective route to increased performance.

If you???ve cruised any of the Porsche chat forums, you???ll have heard how good they are. Now, Autohaus Hamilton is your local dealer.

Here???s the really amazing thing: although the 911Chips people claim 6% to 8% gains, the increases can be much more than that. Like an ???88 model 911 that dynoed at 213 horsepower before the chip was installed and delivered 243 horsepower with the new chip!

Importantly, 911Chips doesn???t take a ??ne size fits all??approach. Whether you just want a faster road car or a track day weapon. 911Chips supplies chips for all purposes.

And if, a little later, you want to switch to a different configuration, they offer an economical changeover program.

What???s more, their products are 100% guaranteed with a ??o questions asked??refund policy if you return the chip within 30 days.

Go to??911chips and take a look at some of the impressive Dyno charts and testimonials from many happy customers and then give Scott or Grant a call on 99051455 to see what options will work for you.

Exhaust upgrades

To complement the performance gains with a new chip or software remap, a sports exhaust is the answer.

Sourced from local and overseas suppliers, Autohaus Hamilton can recommend an exhaust system designed to increase the output of your standard or enhanced engine.

With all the race car and motorsport development we conduct, we???ve tried literally hundreds of configurations over the years; so if it???s out there we???ve generally tested it and we know what really works.

The horsepower increases vary, but can be as much as 20 horsepower at the rear wheel. Why not talk to us about our experience with your model Porsche? Remember, nobody know more about getting the most from your Porsche than the Autohaus Hamilton team.