Shark Werks 991 GT3 By-Pass Sports Exhaust System

The new Shark Werks 991 GT3 Sport Exhaust dramatically improves the sound of any new 2014+ GT3.

Much like previous GT3 models, the 991 version is just a tad too docile in stock form. This is in large part due to the strict sound-level restrictions in Europe and Australia, hence the factory deemed fit to equip these cars with a total of three mufflers again. With the Shark Werks Muffler Bypass System they’ve addressed this and not only uncorked the beast that is the GT3 motor but also reduced a real 7kgs off of the rear end in the process. This has been achieved without sacrificing the drivability or diminishing the aesthetics.

With their 3-D CAD design with optimal flow, fit, weight savings and sound enhancement, the by-pass system replaces the centre muffler on any 991 GT3. By utilising appropriately-sized diameter tubing and straightening out the flow they’ve achieved the desired sound and minimised resonance. These direct bolt-on exhaust installs into the factory location without any modification or compromise and is completely reversible.

There is no guarantee or make any crude horse power claims (let’s face it Porsche did a wonderful job already on this one) we can assure you that you have not likely heard a GT3 sound like this before. By retaining and re-using the stock side mufflers and valves you are also able to continue to use the factory "sport button" valve feature to open/close and send the exhaust gases through the sides for a similar to stock sound when you want to cruise and be akin to stock or then bypass the sides for a more exotic sound.

We’ve installed a few of these now and are very happy with the fit and quality.

If you’re interested in opening up the sound and feel of your 991 GT3 or GT3RS give us a call on (02) 9905 1455 or

Video, Petrol Fuelled Passion: