Blake Jones is an up-and-coming young photographer and social media master, with a passion for all things cars, motorsport and Porsche.

His blog??Sehr Gute??documents European motorsport, modification and culture in Australia, showcases his stunning photography and presents some great features about classic cars, such as this one on Graeme Evans’?????73 RS Conversion.

He’s been kind enough to share this story and photo gallery from his trip to Porsche Rennsport Australia, and you can check it out below! Make sure to head to his blog here for more, and join him on Facebook here.

By Blake Jones of Sehr Gute

If you???re a regular reader of this site you???ll know we often wax lyrical about Porsche ??? not just the cars or the brand, but also the community of people which congregate around them. So when Porsche Cars Australia announced they would be hosting the inaugural ??ennsport Festival??? at Sydney Motorsport Park this May, the dates were immediately marked on to the??Sehr Gute??calendar!

The event was held over Saturday and Sunday (25-26th May) and encompassed all things Porsche ??? including of course some of the marque???s most iconic vehicles!


Porsche brought out their new 991 Cup Car which not only looks amazing but takes performance up another notch from the 997. The Australian Carrera Cup series will adopt the 991 for the 2014 season ??? but more on those guys in another post!


Porsche also pulled all the strings within their reach to ensure that the history of Porsche performance was represented. This extremely rare (and immaculately presented ??? this particular car has just been lovingly restored by Autohaus Hamilton) 959 was on display in the ??orschestra???? ??? a tent in the paddock containing the absolute cream of the Porsche crop.


Check out this 356 ??? what amazes me is how clear the lineage is between this early tourer (first built in 1948) and a 350km/h hypercar built almost 40 years later!


Porsche Cars Australia also brought a little slice of the well renowned Porsche Sport Driving School to the Sydney Motorsport Park skidpan.


A tight cone course was laid out and drivers were unleashed onto the course under the watchful eye of the School???s expert driver trainers.


Anyone with a drivers license was able to hop in and put the dynamics of a brand new Porsche to the test (with the traction control on, of course). Cars on offer were a 991 Carrera 4s???


???and the gorgeous new Cayman.


But the real stars of the weekend were the owner/drivers who brought out their machines to do battle on the tarmac???


???or simply park up and show it off to the admiring crowds.


In the Concourse/Show ????? Shine area on the outside of the circuit there was a mix of old and new Porsches on display, like this 997 GT3RS???


???which was being faced off by one of the only cars to make a GT3RS doubt it???s abilities ??? a GT2!


But let???s not forget the classics ??? for these are the cars which laid the foundations for the powerhouse of Porsche today.


This 968 had been modified to replicate the extremely rare factory 968 Turbo S developed by Porsche in 1993.


It???s impossible to dislike a longhood in Gulf colours. Go on, I dare you to try.


Heading back to the inside paddock the cars were slightly scruffier??? but that???s how I like my Porsches!


996 GT3 RS? Yes please.


This 993 is a genuine Gt2 which the??owner brought down from QLD to join the festivities with.


Autohaus Hamilton was out in force at Rennsport, their display included this interesting 911 with 934 flares.


I???m pretty sure this 993 was being driven by a young chick ??? so cool.




Several 944 race cars were running in the open-ended ??orsche Sports Cars??? category, including 944 Challenge cars which had made the trip of from Victoria, and this Turbo which was looking extremely clean for a race car!


It was running full slicks and some serious aero additions which enabled it to put down a 1:38.4 on Saturday ??? though I believe issues prevented it from running on Sunday.


But enough of this talk, it???s time to head out on track!


Drivers had the option of entering either regularity (time trial) or standing start race sessions.


Amongst Porsche circles, classic does not necessarily equal garage queen.


Advanced age is definitely not a problem for Ron Goodman???s squadron of 356 ??utlaw??? race cars! I think a feature of these machines is in order.


It was great to see these cars being flung around ??? and occasionally getting the tail loose in typical 911 fashion.


We were fortunate enough to experience two days of blissful Autumn sun which were especially welcome after the two day deluge preceding the weekend.


Competition was surprisingly fierce in some classes.


The modern Porsches were being pushed just as hard as their more senior siblings.




High horsepower 996 GT2.


993 GT2.


What you???re looking at here is a 956 Group C car which did race duties in Japan in the 80???s ??? I???m just sorry that the picture doesn???t come with sound (the scream was epic). This hero car was running with the other iconic vehicles and recorded a lap time in the 1 minute 32 second range???


???so by no means were these cars being meandered around the track!


Porsche brought out the RS Spyder, an LMP2 winner which sounded incredible and looked extremely aggressive tearing down the main straight with the driving lights beaming ahead.


The turbocharged 936 Spyder was the only car which matched the drama of the RS Spyder. This car dominated Le Mans in the late 70???s and early 80???s.


Before I knew it, the shadows were growing long and cars were being loaded on to transporters. Two days of non-stop Porsche action was coming to a close and the only question on everyone???s tongue was ??hen???s the next one??? I put this question to a Porsche representative and he was tight-lipped, but if smiles were a measure of success Rennsport delivered by the bucket-load.

- Blake

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Reprinted courtesy of Blake Jones and Sehr Gute